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Subject: Clarification Regarding Recent Google Maps Reviews

Dear Visitors,

We hope this message finds you well. We want to bring to your attention a recent occurrence that has impacted our Google Maps business profile. Due to a system glitch and an unfortunate misunderstanding, reviews from another Thai language website have been unintentionally merged with our business's Google Maps profile.

We understand the importance of maintaining accurate and reliable information for our valued customers. Our team is actively working with Google and the affected business party to rectify this situation promptly. We sincerely apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

Rest assured, the reviews that have been incorrectly linked to our business do not reflect the experiences of our actual visitors. We value your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts directly on our official Google Maps page.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to resolve this issue. We appreciate your continued support.

Best regards,

Amelia (

Learn Thai the Natural Way!

Welcome to the fascinating world of learning Thai in the most natural way possible!

In this language-learning journey, we will go through immersion and authentic experiences, just like how local Thais learn their native language. With an innovative approach and the aid of technology, we can guide students on an adventure that goes beyond traditional classroom methods, allowing students to absorb Thai culture, idioms, and nuances while acquiring language skills.

In classroom, you won't find tedious grammar exercises or rote memorization drills. Instead, we believe in learning by doing, by engaging all the senses in the process. Through interactive activities, role plays, and real-life simulations, students experience the everyday situations faced by locals, such as ordering food at a bustling street market or haggling at a local shop. By stepping into these scenarios, learners develop practical language skills and gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in Thai.

Moreover, we understand the power of immersion in language acquisition. We encourage our students to listen to authentic Thai conversations, watch Thai movies and TV shows, and explore Thai music and literature. By surrounding themselves with the language in various forms, learners develop a natural ear for pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm.

So, if you're ready to embark on a language-learning adventure that goes beyond textbooks and memorization, join's Thai language class and discover the beauty of the Thai language and culture through a natural and immersive approach. Let the vibrant world of Thailand become your classroom, and watch as you become fluent in Thai while embracing the local way of learning!

About Amelia

In 2015, my teaching journey began with one-on-one vocal lessons, which taught me the importance of recognizing each person's uniqueness and individual learning style. Three years later, in 2018, I ventured into the realm of Thai language teaching. My diverse range of students includes individuals of all ages, as well as corporate clients. To me, the most effective method of teaching is one that feels natural. This means moving beyond the confines of classrooms and textbooks. Just as we learned as children, through interactions with family, friends, and the world around us, language learning should mirror that organic process. Engaging with Thai dramas, social media clips, and movies adds a fun and immersive element to memorizing vocabulary and phrases. Additionally, singing songs is an enjoyable way to master the language.

Apart from teaching, I have a deep passion for Thai cooking, which has become an integral part of my life. I am thrilled to share my expertise in a variety of dishes from different regions of Thailand. As your guide, I will help you navigate the selection and procurement of the right ingredients and provide step-by-step cooking instructions. Moreover, I will share tips and techniques to ensure your Thai dishes turn out perfectly delicious.


Happy Young Man
Wheels of Motion

Speaking Thai

This Thai language lesson goes beyond the textbook, immersing you in the authentic language and culture. Discover real-life vocabulary, master pronunciation and tone, embrace cultural nuances, engage in role-playing, explore authentic resources, and connect with native speakers. Expand your understanding of Thai beyond the confines of a traditional textbook and gain practical language skills for real-world interactions.

1-1 lesson
1 hour/lesson
Choice of 1, 2 or 3 lessons/week
Fees start from SGD200/month

All Rounded Thai

This Thai language lesson goes beyond the textbook to teach you vocabulary, grammar, and the Thai alphabets. Learn how to read and write Thai characters through interactive exercises and practical applications. Explore authentic vocabulary, gain a deeper understanding of grammar rules, and develop the essential skill of reading and writing in Thai. Step outside the traditional textbook approach and immerse yourself in a dynamic learning experience to master the Thai language.

1-1 lesson
1.5 hour/lesson
Choice of 1 or 2 lessons/week
Fees start from SGD300/month

Business Meeting
Image by Alexis Brown

Thai for Corporate

This Thai language lesson for corporate settings takes a practical approach that goes beyond the textbook. Tailored specifically for business professionals, you will learn essential vocabulary, conversational phrases, and cultural nuances necessary for effective communication in a corporate environment. Engage in role-playing exercises, real-life simulations, and case studies that reflect typical workplace scenarios. Develop language skills that are directly applicable to meetings, negotiations, presentations, and networking interactions, allowing you to excel in Thai-speaking corporate environments.

Group Thai

In this Thai language group lesson that goes beyond the textbook, you will embark on an immersive learning experience with fellow learners. Explore authentic vocabulary, cultural insights, and practical language usage. Engage in interactive activities, role-playing exercises, and discussions that will deepen your understanding of Thai language and culture. Expand your linguistic skills and connect with others in a dynamic and collaborative environment, taking your Thai language proficiency to new heights.

Minimum 3 students.
Maximum 5 students.
1.5 hour/lesson
1 lesson/week, 4 weeks/month
Fees SGD120/student

Image by Samantha Borges
Happy Twins

Group Thai

Online Thai

Unlock the power of online learning with this Thai language lesson that goes beyond the textbook. Experience the surprising effectiveness of virtual instruction as you engage in interactive activities, practice conversational skills, and immerse yourself in authentic Thai language and culture. Through dynamic multimedia resources, personalized feedback, and engaging virtual interactions, you'll find that online learning can be just as effective as learning in-person, providing a flexible and accessible path to mastering the Thai language.

1-1 lesson
1 hour/lesson
Choice of 1, 2, or 3 lessons/week
Fees start from SGD200/month

Young Thai

A person learns languages at best when young.

This Thai language lesson for young children embraces interactive and engaging methods that cater to the interests of millennial kids. Through interactive games, multimedia resources, and age-appropriate activities, children will embark on a fun-filled language learning adventure. Discover the joy of Thai language through songs, stories, and interactive exercises that capture the imagination and foster a love for language learning. This dynamic and entertaining approach ensures that young learners not only develop their Thai language skills but also have a blast along the way.

A group of 3 students maximum
1.5 hours/lesson
Choice of 1 or 2 lessons/week
Fees start from SGD120/month

Business Presentation

Non-legal Thai Translation

Our Thai translation service specializes in providing accurate and reliable translations for non-legal documents. Whether you need to translate business documents, marketing materials, website content, or personal documents, we ensure that the meaning, tone, and cultural nuances are effectively conveyed in Thai. Our team of experienced translators, fluent in both the source language and Thai, work diligently to deliver high-quality translations that cater to your specific needs. With our service, you can confidently communicate with Thai audiences, expand your reach, and foster meaningful connections across language barriers.

Our Partner

Non-legal Thai Interpreter

Our Thai interpreter service provides expert linguistic assistance in non-legal settings. Whether you need interpretation for business meetings, conferences, tours, or social events, our team of skilled Thai interpreters ensures smooth and accurate communication between parties speaking different languages. With their fluency in both Thai and English, our interpreters facilitate seamless and real-time interpretation, enabling effective understanding and collaboration. We offer reliable and professional interpretation services to help you bridge language barriers, foster meaningful connections, and ensure successful communication in a wide range of situations.

Our Partners

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Alan Tang
Student since 2018

I have been interested in wanting to learn the Thai language for a long time. Someone recommended Kruu Amelia to me and I am very fortunate to have Kruu Amelia as my Thai Language teacher. Kruu Amelia is a very knowledgeable teacher who is keen to share her experience and knowledge. She is always pushing me on and encouraging me and making the lessons very interesting and interactive.


Kruu Amelia uses different modes of teaching materials including books, notes, and even videos to teach Thai. She also shares about Thai cultures and certainly made learning more interesting when you learn about the culture of the country that you are studying the language. The above words hardly express enough of my appreciation and I will only say “Thank you Kruu for all your guidance and really appreciate you for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I look forward to more learning from you in my journey to learn this language.


If you are keen to learn the Thai language, do not hesitate to learn from Kruu Amelia. I am sure she will help you as much as she has helped me.

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